The iDrumTech uses technology in our pockets to help us drummers tune our drums just as easily as tuning a guitar.

The iDrumTech uses the microphone on your smart phone to listen to
your drums and give you a reading of the frequency on screen. The app
comes preloaded with the suggested frequencies for a range of kits
including Crush , Ddrum, DW and Pearl. The app also includes some
presets for hand percussion and different sizes of snare drums.

When the user tunes up their drum using iDrumTech it shows you the
drum’s current frequency along with the suggested frequency for the drum
and the difference between them. For fine tuning, the iDrumTech has a
unique feature where you can plug in headphones and turn on a tone
generator which plays the exact tone your drum should be and as you tap
your drum the microphone picks up the tone of your drum so you can hear
the difference. This makes the final adjustments very easy to make and
allows even the most particular drummer to get the exact tune they are
looking for.

My likes for the iDrumTech

This app costs less than a cup of coffee when it should be over €100.
It does more than other devices that are priced at €99 so it stands to
reason that we pay the extra euro for the headphone set up with the tone
generator.  When I set up my kit at a show I’m now in the habit of
taking out my phone and checking my toms because its easy and allows me
to have consistency in my sound.

My Gripes for the iDrumTech

My gripes for this app are very little. It has some bugs still that
can be annoying like the presets that come on the app have disappeared
from the menu. I contacted the developers and they got back to me within
five minutes telling me to re-install the app and it will fix my
problem, which it did. I admit it’s not much of a gripe considering bugs
will eventually be fixed.