Our drum lessons are tailored to each student. If graded exams are a preference for students, we provide tuition with the trinity guildhall syllabus along with exams that are arranged annually. Students learn to read drum music and have the option to sit the exams. Alternatively, as not every student wishes to sit exams, lessons can be customised for students who prefer to focus on improving their current level of ability and/or building chops in individual songs. This approach may be preferable to students starting to play for the first time and would enjoy a more relaxed approach to learning. Whatever your preference, we can accomodate you.

Lessons are thirty minute sessions, typically once a week, and are competitively priced at twenty euro’s per half hour lesson when booking per month or twenty five euro’s to book an individual lesson. There is an option to have longer lessons but this is typically for advanced students sitting exams and would be a waste of money for beginners. Thirty minutes is more than enough time to learn a weeks worth of material. Lesson times are available from Monday to Saturday, excluding Tuesday, and an introductory lesson can be arranged by contacting The Music Workshop at any time.

If you cannot attend an arranged lesson for whatever reason we will make every effort to reschedule the lesson whenever you are available. When lessons are not attended they will still be charged. If you give us adequate notice we will make sure you get your lesson.

Please get in-touch if you have any further questions